You are already late for the podcast train
Avri Rozen Zvi 2019, 12 August

Surprisingly, podcasts are one of the only new media forms created in the last few decades, an evolution of the radio broadcast in the age of technology. Thanks to technological developments, podcasts boast ease-of-use, accessibility and versatility:

  • Podcasts are extraordinarily accessible – most of them are available for free and are easy to access.
  • People listen to podcasts while commuting, during their workout or while performing household chores. Unlike video content, they are easy to consume while engaged in other activities: both on a physical level of it but also on a cognitive one.
  • Podcasts are intimate, delivered straight to listeners’ ears, enabling a direct channel of communication to audiences.
  • As far as form and content goes, podcasts are flexible and versatile. As a result, new types of podcasts are still popping up in the media landscape.
  • Podcasts have no rules or restrictions as far as length and format goes. This means that anyone can create a podcast to suit his needs and fit his capabilities.

Podcasts are the fastest-growing medium in recent years. In the US the listenership has grown by 300% in the last 5 years and the trend is still positive. Podcast audiences are loyal and devoted: 80% of them listen to episodes in a whole. This is an incredible number when compared to video spectatorship behavior where the average view time is 23 seconds.

The podcast’s long-form creates listener loyalty and a unique attention span – a great opportunity to engage with thoughtful stories, insights, and knowledge.

We are here to help you reach this audience before your competitors. Listeners are thirsty for high-quality insightful content. Together we can create fascinating content relevant to your organization and bring the audience’s attention to you.