Quentin Tarantino – Villains or bad guy?
Rotem Yifat 2019, 15 August

Rotem’s and Avri’s first podcast that started it all. In each chapter the two talk about a cinematic or television villain with casual guests from Israeli media and academia. The first 21 chapters were part of discontinued podcast called: Marvel from a to Thor (it sounds better in Hebrew) An in-depth review of all of Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) movies.

Each chapter focuses on a villain (or villains) from a movie or TV series. We try to understand their motivation and whether they are “good” characters even though they are evil. In addition, we have special ranking episodes and in-depth analysis by subject or creator. One of these eposides was dedicated to the work of director Quentin Tarantino prior to the release of his ninth film “Once upon a time in Hollywood” where Rotem had hosted Nimrod Rotem