Rotem Yifat 2020, 19 February

Mixtiles is a successful startup company from Israel with one of the most influential tech podcasts for entrepreneurs. in which the founders David Katz and Eytan Levit discussed the process of building a company – with all of the challenges and success.

Now the company has grown they started a new podcast, in which they talk with co-workers and friends on random topics: from the manufacturing process of their products to dieting.

Due to the nature of the show, we had a unique involvement with the production: We built the studio that they use to record the episodes and edit and support all the distribution process.

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Rotem Yifat 2019, 13 August

Rotem’s and Avri’s first podcast that started it all. In each chapter the two talk about a cinematic or television villain with casual guests from Israeli media and academia. The first 21 chapters were part of discontinued podcast called: Marvel from a to Thor (it sounds better in Hebrew) An in-depth review of all of Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) movies.

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