Our services

We Believe that each organization has its own unique culture, vision and goals and therefore has its own needs. You can choose the services that suit you the best: We can be your one-stop-shop - from idea to distribution - or you can mix and match from our broad selection of services the ones that answer your needs and fit your capabilities.

Together with you we will find the most appropriate format and style to bring your story to the audience in a best listener manner. We offer a variety of familiar formats that have proven themselves. Have you thought about anything you haven’t seen? We will be happy to hear and take this into practice too!

With years of experience in media and academia, we combine a few capabilities that we see as the tools to create excellent podcasts: exploring and deepen into a wide range of subjects and at the same time making them accessible to the public. We will learn your product and service including its core values, find and interview the most relevant experts to find how and where to stand out.


After selecting the most suitable format for your podcast we will create an outline for the first episodes including the episodes’ topics, most relevant guests and more.

The next step will be writing scripts based on the selected format: one-on-one interviews, nonfiction narrative storytelling, etc. . Based on your feedback and comments we will proceed to the next step.


Whether in a professional studio, your office or in the field, we will manage all technical aspects of the process to deliver the highest quality recording.

We offer a wide selection of hosts and narrators to fit the styles and tones of your podcast.


With the amazing raw material, we gathered we will now be ready for the final stage – editing. We will share a version for comment revision, and following approval we will deliver the final edited version as a file ready to share with listeners.


If you don’t want to handle the technical side of distribution – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will make sure your podcast is available on all the relevant platforms to help listeners find you. In addition, we can build a dedicated website for the podcast that will serve as an organic part of your web and social presence.