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Surprisingly, podcasts are one of the only new media forms created in the last few decades, an evolution of the radio broadcast in the age of technology. Thanks to technological developments, podcasts boast ease-of-use, accessibility and versatility:

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Avri and Rotem studied Film at Tel Aviv University and then continued on to different paths: Rotem to Academia and then the tech industry while Avri went into the media. As part of his MA studies, Rotem served as a lecturer while also conducting in-depth research into the origins of the Israeli Film fund. Upon graduation he started to work in the emerging Israeli startup ecosystem as a project and product manager, working with global customers in the biggest brands in the retail industry. Avri worked as a journalist for several major Israeli publications on culture, entertainment and tech. Later he was the editor of the daily culture program on i24 news – an international television station. Because of love of cinema-and talking about the field-the two are recording two podcasts, and this is us and villains who have accumulated a faithful audience. Due to their mutual love to movies (and talking about them) – they began recording podcasts on the topic: “Villains are us” and “Movies are us”. The shows include expert guests from academia, traditional media, and other podcasts. The shows have a loyal and growing audience. The love of the podcast medium brought them to start “Podcasts are us” to help organizations and individuals create high-quality and engaging audio content.

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We Believe that each organization has its own unique culture, vision and goals and therefore has its own needs. You can choose the services that suit you the best: We can be your one-stop-shop – from idea to distribution – or you can mix and match from our broad selection of services the ones that answer your needs and fit your capabilities.